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Published on décembre 22nd, 2014 | by Sylvie Tuaillon


Art Antiques de Paris

About the Author

benefited from a mixed culture, with a Spanish mother and a French father. She spent a long part of her childhood in Spain. She studied two years in London where she met her current British husband, whom she married thirty years later in Las Vegas. She has lived practically all her life in Paris, working as an international buyer. Traveling as often as possible she seeks new horizons. Her real passion remains literature. Settled since 2012 with her daughter and her new husband in the United States: " - I cannot imagine myself as an American, I was not already even completely French… I feel citizen of the world, my heart is a patchwork. My best friend is Turkish and lives in Istanbul. Even my dog is Belgian !!!

5 Responses to Art Antiques de Paris

  1. MEZZA says:

    Je viens d’acheter une huile sur bois de Maurice LIGUE qui semble représenter le port du Croisic vers 1910 mais mes investigations me laissent supposer que ce n’est pas sûr que cela soit ce port. J’adresse ce message à Sylvie TUAILLON afin qu’elle me contacte pour élucider ce mystère. Merci

    • MEZZA says:

      Hello Mezza, And thank you contacting me. Nice where did you get your painting from ? You should have signature Maurice Ligué (I do not know League ?!!!). If you are lucky you should have as well the name of the place writing on the painting too (as mine written Moret, for Moret-sur Loing). If not you will easily find on internet a lot of old pictures, postcards… from Le Port du Croisic (because it is a really famous place in France !!!). It is very interesting to do research. For one of my other paintings I discovered that way a pool did not exist anymore, but found postcards of the exact place !!! So good luck for your discoveries, and do not hesitate for further questions. Best. Sylvie

  2. BRIET Patrick says:

    Je souhaite vendre une huile sur toile de Maurice Ligué 1941 et une aquarelle du même peintre encadré mais verre fendu. Pourriez vous me dire à qui m’adresser ?
    Merci à vous

    ps: j’ai également 2 épreuves de maître numérotées et signée de DESFOSSEZ et une LE COLAS ainsi qu’un très joli tableau représentant des chevaux de trait tirant un bloc de pierre signé LeBlond 28
    J’ai des photos dispo.

  3. Michael says:

    ON THE 18TH OF DECEMBER 2017 A MASTERPIECE REPLICA OF THE MOST FAMOUS MOST EXPENSIVE Antique Chinese qing dynasty vase will be auctioned at the prestigious Gerrards Auction rooms in St annes Lancashire its next to Blackpool.

    Many people would have loved to own that vase and many millionaires and billionaires also disappointed as the price went to 50 million pounds for the pinner vase now called, would it be nice a light harted story to mention do you remember the 50 million pounds pinner vase you could not aford well know any one has the chance to own the only masterpiece replica in existence.

    i am not affiliated with the auction house and have no rights to the images.

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