French Quarter Magazine appreciates the generosity of the individuals that support us. We wish to thank the team members who write and edit the articles we publish for your pleasure. We would also like to thank those who translate articles from French to English. We also thank the photographers who generously share their superb photographs and those who produce films and contribute their talent and the many others who tirelessly contribute their time, their skills and offer their expertise. The names of those contributors are listed below.

  • Isabelle Karamooz, Founder of FQM

    was born in the royal city of Versailles, France and have lived in the United States since 1996. After earning a Bachelor's degree in History from the University of California Berkeley and studying for a Master program in education at the University of Southern California, she went on to teach French to aspiring UNLV and CSN students in Nevada. When she is not teaching, she is writing, interviewing people in a wide range of circumstances, pitching story ideas to writers and editors, taking pictures, traveling, painting or trying delicious foods.

  • A.P.

    Née à Paris, mais très vite exilée sur les terres bretonnes, elle s’accommode avec bonheur du ciel capricieux. Après des études de littérature à Nantes, elle fait une licence de philosophie dans l’historique université de la Sorbonne à Paris. Ecumant les théâtres, elle s’essaye à la critique en intégrant la rédaction du site européen de spectacle vivant Rue du Théâtre, aiguisant notamment sa plume au festival d’Avignon où elle y prend désormais ses quartiers tous les étés. Aujourd’hui elle étudie la communication dans le domaine culturel à Sciences Po Lyon, essayant de construire son projet professionnel dans le sillon si passionnant des passeurs de culture.

  • Alioune Badara Mbengue

    est né à Diourbel au Sénégal. Il a fait tout son cursus scolaire dans son pays natal. Après l'obtention de son baccalauréat en 2005, il a eu à faire une formation de deux années à l'Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique (ESP) de Dakar où il a décroché son DUT en Finance-Comptabilité en 2007. Passionné de l'écriture et de la littérature, il a publié son premier roman " Les flots en sanglots" en Février 2016.

  • Amy Lynne Hayes

    is a writer and designer by trade and an avid traveler by heart. She first discovered her love for all things French while studying interiors in Paris, and has never quite gotten over the initial infatuation. When not planning her next escape to *La Belle France*, she can be found globe-trotting around other parts of the world and writing for her travel-inspired blog, Créatrice Mondial. Links to Published Works: The Parisian - Creatrice Mondial Paris, You're Always on My Mind

  • Ankita Dutta

    earned a bachelor’s degree in Dairy Technology. She completed her training from AMUL and worked in the Dairy & Food Industry for 3 years in xhich she was to taste various food. Her passion for writing started in 2015 and mainly write about Food culture. Her favorite pastime is cooking. Being a Bengali, she thinks that French cuisine has a lot of similarity with Bengali cuisine. She said that « French people love to accompany their meals with rice and potatoes and use mustard for preparing delicious meals. » Her love for French food and the French language led her to wish to contribute to French Quarter Magazine.

  • mmAnne-Cecile Baer Porter

    Anne-Cécile Baer Porter and her Native American husband are pastors from Seattle. She loves translating articles from French to English and vice versa. She feels she is juggling with words from one language to the other. She always finds fascinating facts about the diverse topics when she works on articles. She enjoys comparing life between American, French, and Native American cultures in her blog Anne-Cecile News.

  • Anne-Fleur Andrle Stephan

    Coming from the "Far west" of France, Anne-Fleur grew up in Finistere (Brittany). Currently working in the hightech industry, she represents a French company specialized in smartglasses apps in the US. Engineer by training and based in Boston, she loves to get back to her Briton roots a couple of times a year. After graduating from the Université de Technologie de Compiegne, in France , she decided to pursue her studies in biomedical sciences at the graduate school of the State University of New York (SUNY) in Buffalo, NY. Driven by sciences and her desire to learn, Anne-Fleur hosted a radio show, "les échos de l'innovation" (literally innovation echoes) for a couple of years, offering debates and interviews, aiming to dissect misconceptions in science and technologies for the layman. Always thirsty for discovery, she loves traveling, initiating new projects and exploring the ocean, on a sailing boat or with her snorkel.

  • Christopher Cipollini

    was born in the United States but his heart belongs in the culture of Paris. His passion was born through self taught study of artists from Degas to Lautrec and writers as Genet and Rimbaud. His great love of French culture are symbolism poetry and, French cinema and history. He is a two time author and has written for several American publication as "The Desert Observer," Downtown Zen" and published two prose books: "The Musings" and "A Secret Kingdom". He lives in Las Vegas.

  • Géraldine Lepère

    a créé Comme Une Française, pour aider les expatrié(e)s, voyageurs et francophiles du monde entier : elle leur offre des leçons sur la culture française du quotidien, et la langue française telle que les Français(es) la parlent vraiment.

  • Heather Chamberlain

    is a freelance writer and theatrical performer/director based in New York City. Her theatrical work has been seen on Off Broadway, the Las Vegas Strip and in Hollywood. Her great love for all artistic disciplines led her to co-found New York City Artists, a community of artists and a social media platform in which artists share resources, inspirations and promote each other's artistic work. She has always looked for ways to share her adoration of French culture with the world and is grateful to the French Quarter Magazine for allowing her to do just that.

  • John Wisniewski

  • Joshua Chanin

    Joshua Chanin is a recent graduate from Austin College, Texas, obtaining his undergraduate degree in history and political science. He will be attending the University of Texas in Arlington in the fall of 2016, where he hopes to obtain an MA and a Ph.D. in history. Chanin plans to become a professor of American history in later life (focusing on the American Revolution), and has published pieces for the Texas Lifestyle Magazine, Midwest Book Review, and the Armstrong Undergraduate Journal of History. He loves sharing his new research and findings with everyone, especially the readers of the French Quarter Magazine.

  • Julie Chaizemartin

    Historienne de l'art et journaliste. Diplômée en droit et en histoire de l'art à la Sorbonne et à l’École du Louvre, Julie collabore à plusieurs magazines sur des sujets historiques et culturels. Elle a également créé en 2011 un fonds de dotation qui soutient des projets de sauvegarde du patrimoine à l'étranger (en collaboration avec l'UNESCO) et est l'auteur du livre "Ferrare, joyau de la Renaissance italienne" publié en 2012 (éditions Berg International).

  • mmKirsten King

    Kirsten King is a keen traveler, currently interested in cultural studies. She has been teaching locally and abroad since 2006. Participating in French Quarter Magazine allows her to contribute to the sharing of culture and knowledge between our two countries - a joyful and exciting adventure.

  • Laure Baraton

    French born in 1971 in the West suburb of Paris, Laure studied in the fields of science and currently works in the world of Finance. Laure's hobbies and interests are varied. As a young girl, she was yet attracted in the world of Art when she drew often. Her artistic mother has always been her main inspiration and, over the years, she developed a passion for cinema and photography. She got her first camera at age 10 and became seriously interested in photography around age 25. Her ability to capture emotion through photography while "life" happens around her is wonderful. She just loves taking and capturing the essence of a subject.

  • Laurence de Valmy

    is a French born artist, who lives and works in New York Great area. She is a painter creator of the POST series, painted Instagram of the past revisiting art history. She was awarded an Artist Residency by the Eileen Kaminsky Foundation (ESKFF) at Mana Contemporary,NJ in 2017. She created the blog "The Curious Frenchy" and is a now contributor to French Quarter Magazine.

  • Lucie Pierron

    Etudiante en sociologie et en sciences politiques à l'Université Paris Dauphine, Lucie baigne dans le monde culturel et particulièrement dans la musique. Pianiste, ouvreuse à la Philharmonie de Paris, elle désire s'orienter vers la production dans la musique classique, à terme. Voyageuse dans l'âme, Lucie a mené dernièrement une enquête de terrain de trois mois sur l'implantation des nouvelles Philharmonies polonaises (dans 15 villes différentes). Démocratiser la culture et la faire venir dans les milieux les plus défavorisés est une des missions qui lui tiennent le plus à cœur, justifiant son engagement au GENEPI, association favorisant l'intervention en prison.

  • Magalie Lopez

    est écrivain public et passe une bonne partie de son temps à aider les personnes éprouvant des difficultés de rédaction. Elle soutient les écrivains en herbe, rédige, corrige tout ce qui s'écrit. Depuis peu, elle se remet à l'anglais afin d'aider également les nombreux étudiants étrangers anglophones de passage sur Lyon. En parallèle et pour le plaisir, elle tient un blog à tendance littéraire amusant sous le pseudonyme de Louise Artéfact. Elle publiera dès septembre son premier roman en auto-édition. Visit Magalie's Website Visit Magalie's Book Website

  • mmMarilyn Miller

    Marilyn Miller has been television producer, director, editor, and writer for more than fifteen years in commercial and public broadcasting. She has produced political, educational, health, and current events programming. She has moderated local Indie Lens Pop-up discussions and a French Quarter Magazine’s book signing. She’s currently pursuing her copyediting certification through UC Berkeley extension and continues her education in writing at UCLA extension. She enjoys learning French and the culture. Marilyn’s hobbies and interests are running, health, fitness, cooking and reading.

  • mmMathieu Francois du Bertrand

    Écrivain et critique d’art, Mathieu François du Bertrand est né en 1985 à San Salvador. Durant plusieurs années, il a réalisé des recherches sur le poète Pierre Frayssinet, auquel il a consacré plusieurs livres, parmi lesquels un roman, L’or des saisons (éditions Jean-Paul Bayol, 2008), dont il a tiré un scénario de long métrage. Il vit et travaille à Paris.

  • Maureen Youngblood

    was born and raised in the United States and is currently living in California. She discovered her love of the French language and culture in high school and continued her education of all things French in college where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She enjoys living near the ocean, traveling and French pastries.

  • Melisa Marzett

    is the leading writer, who is a real professional in this business. You are welcome to read the posts written by her at professional resume and cover letter writing services.

  • Molly Montgomery

    is an English teaching assistant at a high school in France and a recent graduate of UCLA, where she studied English and French. Her writing has been published in *TravelAge West Magazine* and in various literary journals including *Westwind* and the *Blue Lake Review*.

  • N. W.

  • Nathalie Monsaint-Baudry

    French born and naturalized American, Nathalie Monsaint-Baudry lived in Italy and in the US - mostly in California - for about twenty years, studying linguistics in Italy, France and the US, art history, film studies and comparative literature. She earned a CAPES in 1990 from the French Ministry of Education. She majored in American Civilization Studies with a Master's degree from the University of Nantes, France. While in Los Angeles, she worked in pre-production and post-production for independent movie directors, films d'auteurs, translating for example, Elia Kazan's Beyond the Eagean with author and filmmaker, Michael Henry Wilson. Upon returning to France, she worked as a cross-cultural facilitator, professor & consultant. She is an essayist and contributor for various French and US magazines. Her articles, work and lectures are attempts to comprehend what happens when two very different cultures, languages, philosophical and aesthetic perspectives are at play within the same person. When the “can do” attitude collides with the Cartesian doubt, when“doing” and “being” are constantly negotiating and debating with one another. When “positive feedback” gets under the scrutiny of the French pique and critique. When simplifying is up against complexifying. She is married, two grown-up children (bi-cultural and multi-lingual), she managed a château in the Loire Valley for 8 years. She just finished restoring a XVth-XVIIth château near Nantes (Western France, by the Loire river), and is currently developing cultural projects combining her love for cooking, painting, music and her French life-style savoir-faire and savoir-vivre along with designing cultural retreats or expeditions to Italy.étique/pins/

  • P.H. Thompson

  • Pascal Ordonneau

    40 ans de banque chez plusieurs établissements français et anglo-saxons ; il est l’auteur de plusieurs livres sur l’économie et la banque, d’un livre de voyage, d’un roman et d’un livre sur l’Allemagne. Il écrit pour les journaux et la radio, dont les Echos, le Figaro, Huffington Post, Radio France International.

  • mmPascale Nard

    Pascale Nard’s general interests are cinema, culture, and music, being her greatest passion. She loves human relationships. Participating in French Quarter Magazine allows her to contribute sharing of culture and knowledge between two countries. Pascale makes technical contributions by working on FQM’s videos. She records, edits, and writes the video descriptions and transcribes interviews.

  • mmPhilippe Bouthet du Rivault

    Philippe a été successivement officier de Marine Marchande, officier de Marine puis ingénieur dans l'industrie automobile à l'international. Aujourd'hui retraité il renoue avec sa première passion, la mer, à travers les archives de la Marine à Rochefort et la frégate L'Hermione, celle du XVIIIe comme celle du XXIe siècle. Elles l'ont inspiré pour des conférences et des écrits.

  • Pierre Braillon

  • Quentin Chirol

    Détenteur d'une Licence de Cinéma et étudiant en journalisme à l'école HEJ de Lyon, Quentin écrit pour Abus de Ciné et Les Narrateurs. Passionné de culture en général et de cinéma en particulier, il aime partager cette passion avec le plus grand nombre.

  • Rebekka Laird

    Rebekka is 23 years old from Washington, DC and has lived in Paris and Vienna for the past year. She speaks English and German, and is slowly but surely learning French in Paris. Before that, she studied International Affairs and Political Science at James Madison University, and hopes to get her Master's in European Studies in the next few years. She enjoys travelling, reading, and cooking with her partner and French tutor, Loïc.

  • mmSandrine Sweeney

    Sandrine Sweeney grew up in northern France. She earned a degree in tourism as well as a bachelor’s degree in applied foreign languages. She enjoys literature, travel, art, history and culture. She has lived in the U.S. for twenty years and currently resides in California with her American husband and their two sons. Collaborating with French Quarter Magazine is a way for her to mix her love of writing and translating, and to participate in the exploration and exchange of cultures.

  • Sylvie Tuaillon

    benefited from a mixed culture, with a Spanish mother and a French father. She spent a long part of her childhood in Spain. She studied two years in London where she met her current British husband, whom she married thirty years later in Las Vegas. She has lived practically all her life in Paris, working as an international buyer. Traveling as often as possible she seeks new horizons. Her real passion remains literature. Settled since 2012 with her daughter and her new husband in the United States: " - I cannot imagine myself as an American, I was not already even completely French… I feel citizen of the world, my heart is a patchwork. My best friend is Turkish and lives in Istanbul. Even my dog is Belgian !!!

  • Teresa Tolentino

  • Tyson Thompson

  • William Thoral

    William grew up in Provins, a medieval town classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He currently lives in Vendée. He is passionate since his childhood by the universe of mangas (The Knights of the Zodiac, Fly or Chronicles of the Lodoss War), video games (Final Fantasy VII, Secret of Mana and Zelda) and Heroic stories - Fantasy by JRR Tolkien, David Gemmell and Terry Goodkind. He decides then to create characters and a world where magic reigns, where nothing is impossible, and where courage and will transcend beings. Thus, his book Cristar was born, the sword of legend, of which Volume 1 was published in 2012. The many positive impacts of the readers and the local press were right to the author: the sequel has just appeared!

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