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Published on March 16th, 2016 | by Isabelle Karamooz, Founder of FQM


Everyone’s Talking About it : Novels and Music (2015-2016)

Muchachas – Katherine Pancol, Albin Michel
Perhaps many of you are passionate about the new trilogy from the author of the saga The Crocodiles. With Muchachas, the reader finds the Cortes family, where women run the show from New York to Paris, London to Miami.
If you enjoyed this book… and if the next “family saga” interests you, immerse yourself in the “Jalna de Mazo de la Roche” series to follow the life of British settlers in Canada for a century or in “Les Gens de Mogador Elisabeth Barbier,” where three women took turns leading the Provence area of Mogador from the Second Empire to the Second World War.

Central Park – Guillaume Musso, XO Editions
Alice and Gabriel have no recollection of last night, however, they are not about to forget. New York, eight in the morning: Alice, a young Parisian cop, and Gabriel, an American jazz pianist, wake up handcuffed to each other on a bench in Central Park. They do not know they have no recollection of their meeting…
If you enjoyed this book… you will probably like the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.

Pas Pleurer – Lydie Salvayre, Le Seuil
In this novel two voices who heard the memory of the Spanish Civil War intertwine. The first is that of Georges Bernanos, direct witness of the events, who denounces the terror of the nationalist and Catholic Church. The second is Montse, mother of the narrator, who remembers only the joy of the radiant day of the libertarian insurrection. A romance between art and violence, brutality and finesse. This novel won the Prix Goncourt in 2014. If you enjoyed this book, and its theme… we advise you to read or reread Pour Qui Sonne le Glas, by Ernest Hemingway, L’Espoir, by Malraux and Le Héron de Guernica by Antoine Choplin.

Soumission – Michel Houellebecq, Flammarion
In a France quite similar to ours, a man engages in an academic career. Unmotivated by teaching, he expects a boring life, but quiet, protected by the great historical dramas. However, forces in the country have cracked the political system to cause its collapse. This implosion without upheaval, without real revolution, develops like a bad dream. The talent of the author and his visionary power take us on an ambiguous and slippery terrain – his view of our aging civilization coexists in this novel with poetic intuitions, comic effects, and a fatalistic melancholy. This book is a gripping political and moral fable.
If you enjoyed this novel… and you do not know the other works of Michel Houellebecq, immerse yourself in La Carte et le Territoire or in L’Extension du Domaine de la Lutte.

Chaleur Humaine – Christine and the Queens
“Bold” and “exciting,” Inrocks Warmth is the first studio album of Christine and the Queens, released in June 2014, and awarded twice by the Victories of Music in 2015 (including that of the female performer of year).
Christine and the Queens is the stage name of Heloise Letissier, a singer, songwriter, performer and French pianist born in 1988 in Nantes.

Racine Carrée – Stromae
Racine Carrée is the second album of Paul Van Haver, also known as Stromae. He was born in 1985, and is a singer-songwriter, Belgian hip-hop producer, and makes French electronic music. With real critical and commercial success, the release of this album (in August 2013) was followed by a world tour, totaling one million spectators.

Reflektor – Arcade Fire
The fourth album from this indie band from Montreal, Reflektor is a generous and exciting groovy record. It received an enthusiastic welcome in France as well as throughout the world and has benefited from the exceptional participation of David Bowie.

Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy – Alain Souchon
For this first joint album, Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy (who wrote and composed all the songs) were recognized at the Globes de Cristal in 2015 (best male performer).

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