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Published on mai 6th, 2014 | by Nathalie Monsaint-Baudry


Le goût de la France

About the Author

French born and naturalized American, Nathalie Monsaint-Baudry lived in Italy and in the US - mostly in California - for about twenty years, studying linguistics in Italy, France and the US, art history, film studies and comparative literature. She earned a CAPES in 1990 from the French Ministry of Education. She majored in American Civilization Studies with a Master's degree from the University of Nantes, France. While in Los Angeles, she worked in pre-production and post-production for independent movie directors, films d'auteurs, translating for example, Elia Kazan's Beyond the Eagean with author and filmmaker, Michael Henry Wilson. Upon returning to France, she worked as a cross-cultural facilitator, professor & consultant. She is an essayist and contributor for various French and US magazines. Her articles, work and lectures are attempts to comprehend what happens when two very different cultures, languages, philosophical and aesthetic perspectives are at play within the same person. When the “can do” attitude collides with the Cartesian doubt, when“doing” and “being” are constantly negotiating and debating with one another. When “positive feedback” gets under the scrutiny of the French pique and critique. When simplifying is up against complexifying. She is married, two grown-up children (bi-cultural and multi-lingual), she managed a château in the Loire Valley for 8 years. She just finished restoring a XVth-XVIIth château near Nantes (Western France, by the Loire river), and is currently developing cultural projects combining her love for cooking, painting, music and her French life-style savoir-faire and savoir-vivre along with designing cultural retreats or expeditions to Italy.étique/pins/

5 Responses to Le goût de la France

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  2. aurora says:


  3. Sophie Maningue de Chanaud says:

    Absolument magnifique et si vrai. Nous devons être de la même génération car mes souvenirs olfactifs sont identiques et je ne pourrais en dire autant de nos enfants, neveux et nièces.

  4. Sylvie TUAILLON says:

    Très émouvant recueil de souvenirs. En France j’ai toujours essaye de guider ma progéniture par la culture des traditions qui m’avait été transmise. Depuis peut de temps aux U.S.A. l’éducation de mon enfant Français est une tache complexe… Nous avons parcouru ces adorables expressions intraduisibles, un pur moment de bonheur.

  5. omar says:

    vraiment que c’est magnifique de lancer comme c’est de culture en belle manière…. trop que beau travail

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