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Rescued from Decay : Château de Gudanes

I dream of winning the lottery, as many people do. Though it is a very unrealistic expectation, I daydream about what I would do with unlimited wealth. On the top of my list is to move to Europe, buy an old property and restore it to its original grandeur.


Karina et Craig Waters, de Perth. Photo by chateaudegudanes.org.

That is exactly what Karina and Craig Waters of Perth, Australia are doing. They purchased a 300 year old chateau in Midi-Pyrenees and are taking on the massive reconstruction project with extreme attention to the original details. The Chateau de Gudanes is located in Chateau-Verdun, France. The chateau is rich in history and beauty, and is currently being rescued from its state of decay.


Photo by chateaudegudanes.org.

It was originally built around 1745 on the site of a previous fortress that dates from the 13th century. Its famed architect, Ange-Jacques Gabriel, also created La Petit Trianon and the Place de la Concorde. This gives you an idea of the French style of the chateau, magnificent and grand. The structure has been abandoned for many years, a majority of the roof had fallen in, there is rain damage and mold, vegetation was overgrown; the list goes on and on.


Photo by chateaudegudanes.org.

The Waters family chose this diamond in the rough and are able to see the past beauty and future life of this estate. Undertaking such a massive project is not for the faint of heart. Having enlisted engineers, architectural professionals and a construction crew, the process is already underway and can be followed on their website www.chateaudegudanes.org. The website explains in detail the history of the property, how it was found, the complicated purchase and permitting process, and also construction updates and photos. Photos can also be seen on Instagram at chateadgudanes.

Although they don’t specifically state on their website that the 94 room chateau will be used for a hotel, one can only hope that visitors will someday be able to enjoy this re-born French jewel !

*All photos by permission of Chateau de Gudanes.

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