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Published on November 13th, 2014 | by Quentin Chirol


The Cinema Returns to Its Roots

From October 13th to 19th was held in Lyon, the birthplace of the seventh art, the sixth celebration of the Festival of Light. This festival is organized by the Institute of the same name, which is none other than the House of the Inventors of the Cinematograph.


The festival poster at a screening. Photo by Quentin Chirol.

As in each event, a film personality was awarded the now famous Prix Lumière. After Clint Eastwood, Gerard Depardieu, Milos Forman, Ken Loach and Quentin Tarantino last year, it was Pedro Almodovar’s turn to be honored. The Spanish filmmaker then came to Lyon to talk with the audience about his experience in “master classes” and accept his award.


Franco Nero and Thierry Frémaux, director of the Institut Lumière. Photo by Quentin Chirol.

In addition, numerous retrospectives were presented to festival-goers representing a total of 143 films shown during 315 viewings in different rooms of the agglomeration. Among those being honored, there was a tribute to the “grande dame of cinema,” Ida Lupino. The greatest films of Frank Capra were also presented. One of the biggest honors of this year still remains that which is dedicated to Sergio Leone, the master of the Italian western. The people of Lyon also had the chance to discover, or rediscover, the classic, “Django,” which inspired the latest film from Tarantino. Moreover, the principal actor of the era, Franco Nero, was present to tell how he became Django for the entire world.

A persona full of color came to join with the numerous personalities presented for the festival. Indeed, the visitors were able to warmly applaud the legendary Faye Dunaway at the opening ceremony which ended with the screening of “Bonnie & Clyde.” Keanu Reeves was also there to present the latest film which he produced, “Side by Side,” which looks back at the cinematic transition from film to digital. Xavier Dolan, Michel Hazanavicius and even Jean-Pierre Jeunet among others also came, extending the list of celebrities. In short, the world of cinema came back, for a week, to where it all began…

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