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Published on May 23rd, 2014 | by Isabelle Karamooz, Founder of FQM


Introducing Nan Yuan and his team of SWEETours in Las Vegas

I am honored to have SWEETours as our Partner, and I encourage a visit to the SWEETours website to find out more about their tours and services provided in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.


Photo by ABC Companies – The luxury bus for group tours

What better way to visit the beautiful Grand Canyon, Bryce/Zion National Parks, Death Valley & Lake Mead in Las Vegas than with a group of professionals. In a van, a shuttle or a luxury bus with a group, or in a private shiny black Land Rover, SWEETours will take you on a unique and memorable travel experience!

When I learned that SWEETours provides tours for international customers, I was curious to hear their story and learn more about their tours.

Nan Yuan, the owner of SWEETours, has lived in different places, from Taiwan to Alaska, then in California and Florida before coming to Las Vegas. Nan earned a degree in marketing from Fresno California University and has a particular interest in customer service. As he is a nature-lover, he is passionate about photography and the outdoors.

Among the thirty bus drivers who work at SWEETours, ten of them are trained as tour guides. They know as much about Nevada and Las Vegas as they do about the history of the Grand Canyon and Route 66. They are very willing to stop and have visitors take photos or just soak up the scenery. After all, none of the historical sites in the area will disappear if they take 10 minutes longer to get there!

The other professional tour guides highlight the surroundings and explain geological history of the region. It’s fascinating to listen to them.

Since Nan started the tours fourteen years ago, they have met with immense success. I’m not surprised. When I went to see them recently at their location at the intersection of Sunset and Pecos roads, Nan took me on a tour of his company to meet his staff. They really are the perfect team – knowledgeable about the places they tour, attentive to customers’ interests, yet relaxed and professional at the same time.

A regular one-day tour usually includes an historical site such as Hoover Dam or Death Valley with a breakfast snack (pastry, banana, granola bar, water and apple or orange juice) and a lunch box. I asked Nan about the choice of deli lunch. « Our visitors have a choice of turkey, ham, roast beef and veggie sandwiches, chips and water. » They are delighted to take their lunch box and eat on their way down to a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon.


Photo by SWEETours – View of Grand Canyon North Rim

« Grand Canyon North Rim is one of my favorites,” explains Nan, « and a favorite with the clients too. » What Nan loves about the Grand Canyon is « the majestic scenery. » « It’s not very busy » he said. This remarkable travel spot is « quiet, » and « you really feel a part of nature. »

For those with a little more time, there are two-day tours that include Bryce & Zion National Park and Grand Canyon and special options, for example, a helicopter tour and the Skywalk. Special tours include a « Neon lights » tour to discover Las Vegas (I’ll let you find out about it for yourself!) and Lake Mead dinner cruise tours.

How would you like to join Nan and his team one of these days?


About the Author

is originally from Versailles, France. She always wanted to see the world, which she did starting at 17 when she had the fortunate opportunity to study abroad in Rhonda, Spain. She traveled the world from Hong Kong to Taiwan, from Ireland to Austria, to Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Monaco, and discovered the entire countries of Italy and Morocco. She really feels like a citizen of the world. She finally settled several years in Los Angeles where she worked at the French Consulate of Los Angeles. Passionate about the Arts and History, she earned a Bachelor's degree in History from the University of California Berkeley and studied for a Master program in education at the University of Southern California, then she went on to teach French to aspiring UNLV and CSN students in Nevada. She is the founder and Editor in chief of French Quarter Magazine, in which she writes, interviews people in a wide range of circumstances, pitches story ideas to writers and journalists, takes photos, and is currently writing her first translated work, which spans the life of Coco Chanel and is filled with adventure, intrigue, history and love.

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  1. Romena Hill says:

    Bonjour Isabelle! I wanted to know if you are offering some beginners French Lesson? If so, how much is the rate and where is the location?

    My family & I have recently visited Paris and Versailles France. I totally love the place and would want to come back, in the mean time I would like to learn the language.


  2. Sondra lynch says:

    I like the new format!

    1. Thank you Sondra ! I look forward to seeing you soon. Hope all is well now.

  3. alexis says:

    Tres bel article j’ai toujours rêvé d’ y aller et la vite du grand canyon ça doit être juste être le pieds 🙂

    1. Merci Alexis pour votre commentaire! Il faut le voir une fois dans sa vie. Les paysages sont magnifiques. N’hésitez-moi à utiliser les services de SWEET Tours. Je les recommande chaudement pour votre séjour. Vous repartirez avec de beaux souvenirs plein la tête!

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