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Published on September 14th, 2014 | by Sylvie Tuaillon


Mariage Frères, the French Art of tea

When I was savoring a Lapsang Souchang at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok with my daughter, few years ago, I discovered the prestigious brand of the French tea: Mariage Freres.

MF 3

Front window of Mariage Frères. Photo by Sylvie Tuaillon

In 1854, Henri and Edouard Mariage established the company upon consigning on dedicating the tea trade.

MF 4

Interior of the tea shop. Photo by Sylvie Tuaillon.

130 years later, in 1985 the first shop opened in the historic offices of 30, rue du Bourg-Tibourg in Paris, in Le Marais Quarter, to market its teas and its mixtures under its own brand.

MF 2

Tea “White Himalaya”. Photo by Sylvie Tuaillon.

This traditional Parisian place possesses its own Museum of Tea, which will transport you to the past and towards exotic destinations. Its Tearoom, its Restaurant, and its Tea Shop have a large choice, you can buy your tea in bulk or in tea bags, from the most requested teas, to the rarest: White Hilalaya (22 lb per season).

Today there are seven shops in Paris.


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