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Published on September 14th, 2014 | by Sylvie Tuaillon


Sylvie’s Voyages : City of Biarritz

In the South West part of the Atlantic coast in the Basque country is the prestigious sea resort of Biarritz.


Biarritz beaches for surfers. Photo by Details.

Biarritz is the stolid partner of a dynamic ocean which throws itself with fury against the Bay of Biscay. With impressive peaks of waves which shape its beach, it is one of the best surfing spots.

Biarritz is an old destination taken by the aristocracy: ” the queen of beaches and beach of kings “. Napoleon, empress Eugenie, czars of Russia, queens, kings, princes and princesses… Even during the Belle Epoque it remained the holiday resort for the powerful.

Time stands still in Biarritz. It remains glorious and will so for eternity. Just like its Spanish neighbor: San Sebastián, one hour away by car. Here one finds immense wealth, historic memories, magic palaces, eccentric castles, mansions, well-to-do buildings, sublime bridges, romantic walks.

But the interest in Biarritz does not live only in the memories of its glorious old days, but nowadays it resides in the potential, which the town is developing to maintain its irreplaceable lifestyle.


Miramar beach. Photo by tourisme-biarritz.

There are beaches such as Miramar with his huge rock or La Grande Plage with his old Casino. Walking along the seaside is invigorating and the view is fantastic: Le Rocher de La Vierge. There are many possibilities to go shopping on the rue Mazagran. La Maison Dodin is a tearoom dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. You can savor its homemade ice creams, and buy some refined caramels.
Chez Albert, is the restaurant where you can savor practically anything which comes from the ocean, the four-star version. You will need to reserve a table weeks before, perhaps at the same time as you reserve your plane ticket.


Caramels from Maison Dodin. Photo by

The success of Biarritz was guaranteed. This province has a priviledged location! Here the Pyrenees Mountains join the ocean, and it gives you an important choice of whether to stroll the mountains or the countryside.

The Basque traditions are present and transform the everyday life. The Basque language is very special. Red and White dominate the area, the white facades of the houses with the Espelette chilis peppers, and folk clothes used during the seasonal festivals or during competitive sporting events such as the Basque pelota.

Discovering Basque Country in July/August gives you a ample program of sun, fiestas, and invigorating fresh air, but also a place to have some quiet time.


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