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Published on October 17th, 2014 | by Quentin Chirol


Luc Besson at Hollywood


Luc Besson. Photo by Melty.

Luc Besson is probably one of the most successful French filmmakers on the other side of the Atlantic. Indeed, after a few films like “Le dernier combat” and “Subway” that made him a success in France, he decided to target the American public. He began to give movie roles to actresses such as Rosanna Arquette in “The Big Blue” in 1988, then he employed a French actor Jean Reno in “The Professional” in 1994. That is, until his project with the production company Gaumont: “The Fifth Element”. This science fiction movie is directed primarily towards the American public, probably resulting from his tumultuous relationship with French critics who criticized his advertising style. This film, released in 1997, opened the doors of Hollywood to this Parisian who then settled in Los Angeles.


The Film “Taken” written by Luc Besson. Photo by

He has had many projects, including as a producer through his EuropaCorp company. In the 2000s, he devoted himself to this new role, engaging fully in each production, for which he often had his hand in the scenario. And although he produces mostly French movies, his involvement in American cinema has not stopped either. For example, he was behind the movie “Revolver” by Guy Ritchie and the production of “I Love You Phillip Morris” by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. In addition, he writes his scripts with the American public in mind. That’s why one of his greatest works: “Taken” is a French film that has been very popular on American soil!


Scarlett Johansson playing in the movie “Lucy.” Photo by

And after returning to directing in 2005, he has continued to juggle his French and American career by having in front of his camera Louise Bourgoin, Robert De Niro, Jamel Debbouze and more recently Scarlett Johansson. In the end, he will have left his mark in each world whether with the creation in 2012 of La Cité du Cinéma near Paris: huge studios placed to compete with the biggest in Europe. Or by his production company that is increasingly recognized internationally or by his films. His latest, “Lucy” was also released first on American soil before its French release two weeks later…


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  1. Laure says:

    Bon article. Il me semble également que dans le film Léon, Luc Besson a donnée à Natalie Portman le premier rôle de sa carrière.

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