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Published on January 13th, 2015 | by Quentin Chirol


Patrick Tatopoulos, a film magician

Patrick Tatopoulos

Patrick Tatopoulos. Photo by Assignmentx

In the world of Hollywood, there are not just the actors, directors and composers. The microcosm of these studios consists of numerous « behind-the-scene » positions that we are reminded of each year at the Oscars. These lesser known jobs include artistic director, chief designer of special effects supervisor and the supervisor of visual effects. French native Patrick Tatopoulos is all this at once. Originally from Paris, he has successfully made a name for himself among the Hollywood technician community.


Patrick Tatopoulos participate to a large project like I Robot. Photo by Awn.

After studying at various schools of art in the French capital and securing his first job at a communication and advertising company, he decided to try his luck on the other side of the Atlantic in 1989. Four years later, Tatopoulos found himself in charge of special effects for the film adaptation of the cult video game Super Mario Bros… Only a year later, he would impress the industry with his work on the costumes and scenery of Stargate. He continued his work, contributing to various other large projects including I, Robot, I Am Legend, and the design of the mouse Stuart Little. Perhaps his most notable accomplishment has to be the work he did on the Underworld saga, leading the scenery and special effects on the first two parts before taking control of the direction of the third.

Stuart Little

Patrick Tatopoulos participates in the design of the mouse Stuart Little. Photo by IMdb.

Tatopoulos has truly become, through hard work, someone respected by his peers on the Hollywood stage. Fittingly, he has recently become a judge for the reality TV show Face-Off (alongside three-time Oscar winner Ve Neill), which showcases make-up artists and special effects specialists.


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