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Published on May 10th, 2015 | by Quentin Chirol


The famous Breton is 110 years old.

In France, although the folklore has been repressed for some time, some stories have managed to survive, and Annaïck Labornez aka Becassine is the best example. Born in 1905 under the stroke of a pen from Joseph Pinchon and published in the journal for girls “La Semaine de Suzette”, the famous Breton never ceased to exist in the French collective mind. First, it enabled the advent of modern French comics. Previous creations merely illustrated written stories. In addition, the very rounded style of drawing was lively for the time and would launch a new design called “clear line” that would later inspire big names such as Hergé’s “Tintin”.


Joseph Pinchon. Photo by


Bécassine movie (1939). Photo by

The young Breton ingénue was also able to live with her time, even to survive in her time. Becoming, in turn, a war hero or bearer of new principles of childhood education, Bécassine brought modernism in French thought. Nevertheless, she has continued to attract criticism from some Breton groups, criticizing the silly side of the young woman who, for them, is a worthy representative of their region. Despite this, she is still valued in French hearts and will not cease to be represented, either in comics, film (in 1939 in the guise of Paulette Dubost Pierre Caron before the camera), or by song.


Becassine. Photo by

Even at 110 years old, she continues to talk to the people, despite the fact that her character, drawn by Joseph Pinchon, had no mouth. And France remembers her once again as part of its regional folklore on the event of her birthday. The French home page of the search engine Google even adopted the colors of the young Breton on February 4th!

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