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Published on August 9th, 2015 | by Anne-Fleur Andrle Stephan


Welcome to Crêpes Canaveral !

The other day, I was browsing the Internet over my lunch break, when I found an article on my favorite, most authentic, yet very creative crêpes place in New York City. You read that right; I said “Crêpes place” and not “crêperie”. A crêperie is a full restaurant where you are served and eat crêpes only. This place is… different.

I had been thinking of introducing you to this place for a while already, and got beat to it by the great NY Times [find their article here:].

Pierre, a good old friend of mine, who lives on that very same street “St Marks Place”, first introduced me to this place. This street, hidden between 1st and 2nd Avenue, in lower Manhattan, is a little slice of heaven. A real break from the crazy rhythm around the whole city. Here you can find a very nice, yet not overpriced French bistro – Chez Jules – where they play live music most nights, as well as a real exciting Mexican place, then as you are walking East, you will find this hole in the wall, where JC (Jean-Christophe) will welcome you. Whoever you are, if you ask about crêpes, JC will be thrilled to tell you about the latest recipe he has been working on (and chances are, he will actually do you the honor of asking your opinion about it and/or make you taste it), and you can definitely tell how much pride JC takes in his work. As he should!

The “Gwenn Ha Du” (breton flag) proudly waving on St Marks place, NY
As you may know, I come from Brittany, the North-West point of France, the “land of crêpes” (among other things). In Brittany, we take a lot of pride in keeping our traditions. And people orginating from this region carry those all over the world. A quick look at the number of active memberships of “BZH New York” (a French-speaking Breton association in NYC) will prove this point. Anyway, JC represents my roots and each time I travel to NY, about twice a month, I make sure to pay him a little visit: this place feels so much like home!

As you may notice in the pictures, JC serves crêpes at the window but also encourages the gourmet customers to come have a drink in the “William Barnavie Tavern”, directly connected to his kitchen. You will find Celtic music here, very often, or people playing “coinche” or “belotte” (French card games).

One fun thing to encounter while there is actors running from the stage next door through the bar to reach their lockerrooms. Last time I visited, the show had a scene where the actor and actress were at the beach (if my memory is right) and both JC and the bartender were waiting for the actresses in bathing suits to pass by.

This bar is part of the charm of the place as well. The Theater 80 completes the triangle. A few steps out, you will also find the Museum of the American Gangster. If I remember correctly, I believe the bar used to be a speakeasy, hidden behind the theater during Prohibition. The legend says Al Capone used to host meetings in NY in this very same room.

Crêpes Canaveral is a delicious “must-try” for your next trip to New York City!

Heading photo: Mark Hokoda via

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