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Sheila doesn’t hesitate to put her name on the map as someone who uses her celebrity status for the betterment of the environment

Every major cause utilizes their fair share of celebrities. French Quarter Magazine met up with Sheila, who, after an exceptional encounter with the creator of ready-to-wear women’s clothing, business woman and ecologist, Anne Fontaine, whom stands by her commitment and fights against deforestation 100%, put her international celebrity status and her talent to the service of the protection of the planet. On March 21st 2019 she’ll participate in a charity gala which will take place at the French ambassadors auditorium in Washington D.C. A gala during which several messages of awareness about the protection of our planet will be pointed out. Through her participation, Sheila will remind us that she’s concerned about the fate of the planet and that it’s important to preserve it. She’ll set a great example for any of those who would like to contribute to this noble cause.

We are pleased that Sheila has accepted our invitation to talk about her French tour in December and her upcoming projects that will bring her to the United States from France.

Sheila at the Paul Claudel auditorium of the French Embassy in Washington D.C. Photo: Pascal Blondeau.

We’re delighted to welcome you to the residence of the French Ambassador in Washington D.C. You started a 2018/2019 tour with a short break this summer, and currently you’re taking a trip through Canada, the United States, Washington D.C. and soon you’ll resume your concerts…

Yes, I’ll be going back to France where I’ll be singing in Lille, Lyon, and finally in all the big cities in France, ending at Salle Pleyel on December 28 in Paris. It’s a big date in the middle of the Christmas holidays so I’m delighted. With all this, as time passes, I will find myself singing here in Washington on March 21, 2019.

What triggered you to sing for the “Green Attitude – Women Speak” Gala on International Forest Day?

I had the chance to meet Anne Fontaine last year in New York during a big party. It was immediately an extraordinary contact. This woman is fabulous, she does a monumental job. I’m like her, I’m protecting the planet, I’m fighting a lot for that, so when I was asked to come and sing in Washington on this day, I said “yes” right away because I find it very important these days to be there to defend this cause. We are artists but our role is also to tell people to “pay attention to the planet” especially when we see what is happening in the world. When we see a person like Anne Fontaine planting thousands of trees and hearing from a newly elected president, that he decided to make a highway in the middle of the Amazon it’s still very very scary, so I think it is important that we all get together to protest against these elected presidents who should be there to defend the planet and its inhabitants. We have children, grandchildren, it’s a duty, it’s our duty to protect nature. I am 100% behind Anne and her association to stand up for this cause.

RSVP to the Gala, contact Dorothée Charles at:

What are you going to sing in Washington D.C.?

I will obviously sing songs from my repertoire that are very well known. I will sing in both French and in English because I think there will be French people but also Americans. For example, I will sing “Bang Bang” in both languages, I will sing “Vous les copains” in French and “Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum” in English. I’m going to do a little mix of all this and we’re going to have a nice evening I think.

Can we talk about some of your endeavors in the United States?

As for my plans in the United States, obviously there’s this very important date on March 21. I think we’ll try to do something exceptional. I’ll arrive with my band, my musicians, the sound technicians, etc… We’ll try to put on a spectacular show. After that, hopefully it’ll take us, to New York and Los Angeles but we’re working on that.

You’ve recently reconnected with your American associates, reuniting with those old connections that have aided you in your highly successful songs, such as, “Spacer” and “Singin’ in the rain…”

You’re absolutely right! I came back to New York last year to meet Nile Rodgers and as I was preparing my new album, he wrote a new song for me called “The Law of Attraction” which is finished but hasn’t been released yet. I recorded it at his place and I think it’ll be great. I hope it’ll be as strong as Spacer, because it’s still my lucky charm, and of course, I’m going to sing it at the concert.

Getting back to your tour in France, you’ll be leaving from Washington D.C. to France and in December you’ll resume your concert schedule, what is the essence of this tour for you?

You know, I’ve been singing for 55 years. I’ve been given the opportunity to do a job that I love and for me a tour is the pleasure of living in a group, it is a very close team, a family. We do the shows with pleasure. Of course, a good show has to have a good artist, but without my team nothing would be possible. I must be surrounded with good people, in osmosis with my musicians, and be able to communicate with the audience, who are here to see us. The joy that it brings us to sing for them is unimaginable.  As long as I’m having fun singing, I’ll spread that happiness to people and I’ll see that in them when their eyes light up. I’ll continue doing this, because I’m lucky to be in good health. Everything’s good.

The show’s not over!

The show is not over, no, no, not yet, not yet.

We hope the rest of your tour goes well…

Thanks a lot, and most importantly, we think about the planet, it’s very important.

For us, the next big event is on March 21st, in Washington.

Absolutely. Thank you. See you soon. Bye!!!

This article was translated in English by John Wilmot.

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