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Published on June 8th, 2019 | by Tyson Thompson


The Trouble With You (En Liberté!)

A coincidental comedy that has Yvonne, a newly widowed police officer played sheepishly by French actress Adele Haenel in one sticky situation after another. By default she has inherited all of her dead husband’s problems, and soon realizes that his life was basically a complete lie. Along for the shaky ride is her aloof partner in law Louis played by Damien Bonnard and her young son Theo (Octave Bossuet), who saw his father as a hero. Most of the characters seem willing to follow Yvonne’s irrational actions right off the edge of a cliff, and the consequences of these actions are a long afterthought. The film consistently jabs us with overwrought European humor that more than often hits its mark.

At the heart of the film is a deviant half-hearted plan to exonerate a young man named Antoine (Pio Marmai), that was set up by none other than Yvonne’s dead ex-cop husband. There are jewelry store heists gone wrong, inept cops at every turn, and even humorous serial killer references to keep the film from taking any kind of serious angle. As the story unfolds, and Haenel’s steady mismanagement of everyone around her increases, it is easy to overlook the subtle romantic bond that is forming between Yvonne and Louis. The film never manages to lose sight of it’s impractical allure, as any thought of taking a romance serious is quickly shut down with oddball gags or a goofy plot twist. Well known French star Audrey Tautou only does supporting work as Antoine’s estranged wife, but is still a bright spot in all of the sloppy quarkiness that ensues. Her signature smirk always finds a gentle way to captivate regardless of the setting.

Director Pierre Salvadori is not new to romantic comedies as he made his name with the 1993 film Wild Target, but he intentionally steers far away from being unorthodox in his appraoch with this comedy. Salvadori avoids taking any real risks, giving the film a slightly more formulated feel. The cinematography is top notch and is full of vibrant colors to match some of the lively characters fumbling around in this film. Even though there isn’t a lot of substance to digest in The Trouble With You, there is just enough spontaneous fun to make it enjoyable.

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