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Published on June 9th, 2020 | by Chloe Niccolo


Book Review: “Tuer Jupiter” (Killing Jupiter) By François Médéline

President Macron is gone. His body was found lifeless in his office at the Élysée, carried away by a chocolate bar.

After joining the Pantheon under the eyes of millions of viewers, back to the different protagonists affected in one way or another by this assassination…

Short speech for a novel.

A politically incorrect fictional book that goes against the grain of what we usually read on everything related to politics, he uses a pen to paint us a direct and caustic picture with a deliberately irreverent tone.

It’s hard to tell the difference between fiction and reality. If, for those who think politics is synonymous with boredom, then no pomposity here, au contraire. It’s good not to spoil everything with too much humor.

Be careful when I say humor, you have to adhere to this rather particular state of mind (and it won’t please everyone). If the humor is dark, grating, or disturbing, it gives this story an unusual tone that’s even more up-to-date with that of our society and the political world.

We’re in tune with the times, with the likes of Vladimir and Donald, just to name a few. We’re behind the scenes of a new political generation, one that tweets and uses other social networks, which, like the oversized ego of their leader, almost set the tone and the level of power for their country.

François Médéline with the hero of his novel and some of his characters
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“Tuer Jupiter” was a pure delight; with an author who reconciles us with politics, or doesn’t…

Tuer Jupiter” – François Médéline – La Manufacture de Livres – 2018

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This article was translated in English by John Wilmot.

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