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Cindy Doumani: “Fashion is My Passion”

Cindy Doumani has been a resident of Las Vegas for more than 50 years. She grew up on the family horse ranch and was well known among local horsemen. She grew up taking tap, ballet, and piano lessons and attended the University of Southern California (USC) and majored in business administration. Even though she was encouraged to become a Court Reporter, her heart always went to music and dance. She joined a Show that toured the West Coast with the Dorothy Dorben and later she toured with the famous Gypsy Rose Lee.

Doumani has danced and had her own show in Las Vegas, and is the subject of the documentary “From Cowgirl to Showgirl.”

Cindy Doumani has seen and experienced a world of fashion that most others would not get to see. Cindy grew up on a horse ranch in the San Fernando Valley in California and moved to the glamorous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. In the glitz and over-the-top city of Las Vegas, Mrs Doumani discovered her love of fashion. Cindy was a showgirl and dancer on the Las Vegas Strip for many years and spent her life exposed to the resort and entertainment industries, this is why she believes packaging and good taste is something that everyone should strive for.

Cindy has always had a fascination with clothing designs and an appreciation for talented designers. Mrs Doumani loves rhinestones and glitter saying, “It’s all fun and no one takes it too seriously. I probably take the glitz and glamour of our fabulous city for granted and forget that people that live in other cities don’t necessarily dress as we.” When it comes to her fashion accessories, Mrs Doumani loves handbags, but stays away from exotic skins and leather because she is an animal-rights activist who is very active in her support of all animal sanctuaries in Las Vegas as well as 22 other organizations that protect animals and their habitat around the Nation.

Cindy Doumani

Mrs Doumani states that her fashion sense was influenced by the movies. Her neighbors were people who worked in the film industry, producers and famous actors and actresses. Her mother would take her to the theater and expose her to world-class performers and entertainment as a small child.   She prefers styles that are feminine. Depending on the occasion, you will find a beautiful collection of casual clothes as well as formal wear in her closet amongst her beautiful silk scarves that she uses to dress up any outfit. When it comes to fabrics, Mrs Doumani enjoys flannel and cotton and the feeling of them next her skin. Flannel sheets on a cold winter night can’t be beat. You can also never go wrong with silk, velvet, brocade and satin for evenings. Prints are a great option for catching the eye or even creating a story with your clothes, Mrs Doumani gravitates towards floral prints, especially tropical prints.

You will find Mrs Doumani in lots of solid colors, her absolute favorite color being red; however, she loves the colors of the rainbow. Her wardrobe consists of colors or every type, but she does tend to wear black because it gives a beautiful contrast to the lovely jewelry she wears, which consists of diamonds and ornamental gold.

For Mrs Doumani, The Etro company is her favorite designer saying they must have some incredibly talented designers. “Their fabric patterns are multidimensional and hypnotic and are so beautiful and imaginative. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how something affects you visually, but Etro’s designs stand out in any crowd.”  Her taste in clothes leans towards being classic and not so much trendy and to her the sign of a classic design is that it is ageless and that years from now it can still be work and look new and cutting edge.

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