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Published on July 3rd, 2024 | by Baron Camby


Top 10 Things to Do in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the dream destination of many people. So, if you have finally got the chance to visit this magical land, you will have to ensure to make the most of this exceptional opportunity. Everyone who visits this fantasyland ensures that they indulge perfectly in the mystical experience to have an unforgettable and nostalgic Disneyland experience. If you are seeing the park soon, we have a list of the top things to do in Disneyland Paris.

This theme park is full of fun activities for everyone. Whether you like thrilling rides or want a nostalgic experience meeting your favourite Disney characters, you will have it all in this magical land. Make sure you have enough time to explore this theme park and all the fun things you must do there. 

As a UK citizen, you can embark on a magical adventure with our ultimate guide to unforgettable Disneyland Paris holidays in 2024.

Top Things to Do in Disneyland Paris

1. Visit the Iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle 

Sleeping Beauty’s castle is the most iconic building of Disneyland Paris. So, once you are at this theme park, you must take advantage of the grandeur of this stunning castle. This castle will make you feel like you are in the fairy tale yourself. Moreover, the castle represents the French architectural expertise that gives it a magnificent look. 

So, make sure that you take your time to explore this picturesque castle. Also, nothing screams more Disneyland than this stunning spot in the park. You can take photos in front of this castle and make your Instagram followers jealous. 

2. Meet Your Favorite Disney Characters

Disneyland Paris is the world of Disney characters. So, you cannot visit the characters’ world and not meet them. There are many opportunities to interact with the characters and take some photos for Instagram. You can meet Mickey Mouse at his house and the Princesses of famous Disney fairy tales as they make special appearances in the park. 

You can also visit the Walt Disney Studios Park to meet your favourite heroes. It is undoubtedly a memorable experience for the kids and a nostalgic one for the adults.

3. Stay for the Characters Parade

The Disney character’s parade is one of the most prominent parts of the Disneyland experience. Many Disney characters parade down the park on spectacular floats that fascinate everyone. There is also a lot of dancing and music, enabling you to refresh your mind after spending too much time on the thrilling rides. 

You will see many of your favourite faces on their floats, including the Frozen sisters and characters from The Jungle Book, Toy Story, and fairy tale princesses. 

4. Watch the Fascinating Stage Shows

If you want to watch your favourite Disney characters perform on the stage, you should watch the incredible stage shows in the theme park. These stage shows are a packed experience with beautiful music and acrobatics. Some of the shows also have spectacular visual effects that fascinate the audience. 

5. Explore the Marvel Avengers Campus

Are you a Marvel geek? If so, you must not even think of missing out on visiting the Marvel Avengers Campus. This is the perfect spot for you if you want to meet your favourite Marvel heroes. You can also join them in their new mission against the evil in the world.

You will also find thrilling rides at this place and some exceptional dining experiences that will elevate your Disneyland Paris experience.

6. Visit the Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror is among the most popular and most frequently visited rides at Disneyland Paris. You will get all the thrill you want at this incredible attraction of everyone’s beloved theme park. Horror and thrill merge and make the most adventurous experience for thrill-seekers. 

7. Don’t Miss Out on the Disney Dreams

Disney Dreams is a stunning performance in the park that will quickly become the highlight of your Disneyland Paris holiday. It features brilliant light shows from some of the favourite Disney scenes with bursts of colour. These performances also feature dancing water fountains and fireworks. 

8. Dine at Bistrot Chez Remy 

Bistrot Chez Remy is a Disneyland Paris restaurant inspired by the classic Disney Ratatouille. Everything in this restaurant is more significant than life, which makes you feel like you are in a movie scene. The restaurant also serves delicious food that you can enjoy and take photos in this beautiful restaurant.

9. Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan’s Flight is a beloved ride in Disneyland Paris. You will get a chance to escape into the world of Peter Pan while riding this fascinating ride. It is perfect for kids and adults alike.

10. Visit Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is a hedge maze with various characters from the movie guiding you. You can take your time and explore this maze. The Queen’s castle is at the centre, and an observation deck lets you see the whole maze from above.

Final Words

If you have booked your dream holidays with reliable holiday travel agents in the UK, you might wonder about the top things to do in Disneyland Paris. No doubt the park is full of fun activities that will keep you busy for quite some time. If you’re concerned about your budget, rest assured that we have curated the best holiday deals to Disneyland Paris, with options under 400£, 500£, and 600£. So, explore the magical world best by exploring all the rides and staying for the parades and shows. 

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