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Art, History, Culture, Music, Fashion, Gastronomy, Travel and Style all reflect the very essence of our culture, its attitudes and philosophies, its fashions and passions. Our site has many posts for you to choose from in many different categories of interest in English and French. There are entertainment news and reviews as well as interviews.

At French Quarter Magazine we are seeking to grow an appreciation for, and to celebrate, the rich and colourful history and heritage of the country combined with a vibrant mix of essential modern France. We want to help expand knowledge of history, culture and all the arts, both visual and performance, as well as our social and cultural heritage. Franco-American initiatives to preserve cultural treasures in both countries are crucial. It is clear that if future generations are to know the beauties of landmarks and historic monuments, it is our goal to act now to help. We are looking for transmitting and safeguarding the skills, knowledge and love of heritage through transatlantic educational programs and tours for our members.

France’s past is of huge interest to many exiled French, to all Francophiles and those of French descent who are keen to keep abreast with what is happening in France today.

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