Welcome to French Quarter Magazine (FQM) ! French Quarter is an art & cultural-diplomatic magazine, bilingual in English-French version.

Serving the Las Vegas and Los Angeles communities and Francophile in the United States, French expats in the U.S., American tourists and expats in France through FQM’s annual supplement, a printed magazine available for order via www.magcloud.com and monthly digital media, delivering all aspects of shared culture between the U.S and France, travel tips, Art & culture, fashion, gastronomy & lifestyle as well as many interviews to read and/or to watch via FQM’s YouTube channel.

The magazine contains not only fashion, gastronomy, history, travel and lifestyle topics, but also matters related to journalism, culture, art, business and highlights various events connected to both country and the world.

FQM aims to connect a diverse community to provide publicity, create general awareness, inform, entertain and inspire readers and offers a cultural journey filled with eclectic articles and interviews written by many dedicated contributors on art, culture & diplomacy. It seeks to help expand the influence of French culture, the knowledge of history, culture and all the arts as well as to transmit and safeguard the skills, love of the arts and technology through cultural events, seminars, conferences with diplomats, business women & men and artists for our members and our readers.

FQM is distributed not only in Las Vegas, Los Angeles but also abroad. The magazine is often invited to cultural and fashion events abroad, such as opening of exhibitions throughout the United States and France, Fashion Week in Paris, Monaco, Los Angeles and New York, etc.

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