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French Quarter Magazine is your passport to French-American culture. It aims to inform, entertain, inspire readers and to be the prime means of communication from Las Vegas to all members worldwide as well a forum for members and to broaden awareness of the rich cultural heritage of France through articles and interviews. It also promotes our advertisers and serves as a marketing tool. It is issued online every month, and our upcoming sixth annual print version will be delivered free to selected locations.

The online magazine is free for readers, but you must be a Member by selecting your yearly membership to receive our printed version directly to your home for free, then sign up for our free newsletter and enjoy each issue that includes information on special exhibitions, stories, selection of restaurants, fashion and costumes, architecture & travel, new businesses and openings, member events, conferences, and a chance to win great prizes.

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Your yearly membership will enable you to receive our new printed magazine (will be released in May 2023), enjoy our bi-monthly e-newsletters and agendas keeping you abreast of all FQM programs and news, get advance admission and free access to our in person and online social and cultural events organized by FQM (presentations of different French themes as a workshop via zoom, launch magazine cover party, guest speakers conferences, exhibits, culinary demonstrations and wine events, music performances, etc.) and a chance to win prizes from our business partners offered randomly during the year.

All membership funds will go to finance its expensive annual print magazine that promotes cross-cultural understanding and serves as an integral link and highlights cultural connections shared between the United States and France through the Arts, fashion, travel and gastronomy. FQM also aims to preserve historical and cultural legacy both in France and the United States to inspire future generations to educate themselves, dream and create.

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