Événements Virtuels et en Présentiel avec FQM

Envisagez-vous d’organiser un événement avec un partenaire comme French Quarter Magazine à l’avenir?

Créer des événements par vous-même peut être amusant, mais travailler avec d’autres entreprises et marques commerciales en qui vous avez confiance peut faire avancer les choses – pas seulement pour votre entreprise, votre organisation, mais aussi pour les clients et les membres !

La fusion avec d’autres entreprises et organisations est excellente pour donner aux clients et aux membres un élément de valeur supplémentaire. C’est aussi un moyen pour vous de vous familiariser avec des entreprises et des organisations qui ont des valeurs et des missions similaires à celles de votre entreprise. Après tout, si nous nous efforçons tous d’atteindre un objectif similaire, il n’y a aucune raison de ne pas travailler ensemble pour créer un grand événement collaboratif et cela peut être une expérience amusante pour toutes les personnes impliquées.

French Quarter Magazine a hâte de planifier un événement collaboratif avec vous!

Réfléchissons à un point de contact spécifique et discutons de ce que nous aimerions faire de notre événement. Envoyez-nous directement un e-mail à contact@frenchquartermag.com avec votre proposition.

8 Responses to Événements Virtuels et en Présentiel avec FQM

  1. Debbi Miles dit :

    Saks Fifth Avenue in Las Vegas did a fabulous event in partnership with French Quarter Magazine. Held in their Designer Salon at the store, guests were greeted with champagne Bellinis, a charcuterie spread and live guitar music. Nearly 100 fashionable magazine supporters gathered and watched models sporting the latest trends of the seasons through out the evening. Surprise guest were showcased singing French music and entertaining the crowd. It was a memorable evening for all.

    1. French Quarter Magazine has been absolutely pleased to collaborate with Saks Fifth Avenue in Las Vegas, and please accept our sincere thanks for the excellent support provided by you and your staff in organising and hosting our release magazine party. Thank you for your gracious hospitality and professionalism. Everyone had a fabulous and an enjoyable time! It was a great turnout.

  2. Julia Kantor dit :

    We have had great experiences partnering with French Quarter Magazine for our Paris Chansons concerts in Las Vegas and then for several virtual concerts as well! Isabelle Karamooz collaborated to help create an exciting French cultural event by helping to shape the concept, arrange French-themed certificates with give-away prizes and actively promoting the event. We would love to collaborate again soon!

  3. Yelena Bre dit :

    What a great pleasure it was to work with French Quarter magazine in hosting a James Bond Charity Gala for Inspiring Children Foundation. The heartwarming stories we have heard from children on how Foundation helped them transform their life’s were overwhelming. Together with Russian American Chamber of Commerce, French Quarter Magazine united people with a common goal to help a local charity. By uniting businesses and entrepreneurs at this charity gala, we were able to network with like mind individuals and grow professionally. Looking forward to more collaborations in the nearest future!

  4. ANNA BILLINGS dit :

    We have had so many events with French Quarter Magazine. All of them have been Magical!
    The first one we ever did was everything French! We had French Make-up artist, French Hair Stylist and French Bakery Chef! It was Oh La La!

    Anne Fontaine is featured in the Magazine quite often, she too loves that it is a French Magazine.

    Anne Fontaine invited Isabelle to Washington D.C. when the Anne Fontaine was being honored at the French Embassy for her Foundation working with the Rain Forest in Brazil! An evening that all will remember as a highlight in their lives.

    I am looking forward to collaborating again with the French Quarter Magazine very soon!

  5. Bonjour !
    Congratulations Isabelle Karamooz for doing such an amazing job with French Quarter Magazine and the events in partnership with the William Carr Gallery.
    Not only have they been fun and entertaining, but they have brought more and more eyes to view Williams work and create collectors.
    Isabelle has truly been a partner in our hosted events with smiles and professionalism.
    We’ve hosted many events and enjoyed the collaboration and true partnership that Isabelle has demonstrated. Let’s plan the next one.
    A la prochaine!

  6. Romana Rovic dit :

    The events take me back to my birthplace, Paris, France. The sound of the language humming through the air, the beautiful French music playing along, surrounded by such elegant style… all create an intoxicating symphony of beauty. Always done with impeccable taste, I look forward to attending again.

  7. French Quarter Magazine is a reliable partner in events with the Consulate of the Principality of Monaco in Las Vegas, Thriller Villa, and Liberace Foundation, on both side of the Atlantic. French Quarter Magazine events are always professionally produced and attract a consistent, sought-after audience. As a journalist, Publisher Isabelle Karamooz is a premier fixer on the ground in Paris, Versailles, and Las Vegas.

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