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Published on January 24th, 2021 | by Isabelle Karamooz, Founder of FQM


A Young Singer, Chiara Foschiani Releases Soon her New EP, “Trouble Maker”

Chiara Foschiani, the Paris-born artist, begins playing the piano at 8 and discovers singing at 13. Today, she is 17 years old and is a singer/songwriter/producer. She is about to release her new EP, “Trouble Maker” at the beginning of 2021. French Quarter Magazine is pleased to introduce her to you.

Photo Credit: @miaskick

Hello Chiara, you were born in Paris, but you are of Italian origin if I am not mistaken, that must enrich the life of an artist. What are your sources of inspiration in France? 

Hello, I am of Italian origin through my great-grandfather, but unfortunately I do not speak this language, and I have not yet had the opportunity to go to Italy, but this is one of the places where I dream of going. Paradoxically, I listen a little to French music, especially the French rappers Nekfeu and Nepal who are an enormous inspiration! My inspirations come from everything that surrounds me, a lot from literature, but also from the sculpture of Camille from Claudel, painting, cinema and theater. 

I have taken a lot of theater classes since I was a child along with music and dance. I am curious about everything. 

Photo Credit: @julien_kudic

You released your first single “Queen of Disaster” on October 9, 2020, then another single “My Glass of Wine” which was released on December 11. Can you tell us more about these? 

These first 2 singles represent, in my opinion, quite well the general atmosphere of my first EP “Trouble Maker” which will be released in early April. It’s really a story that I wanted to tell, “Queen of Disaster” being the end and “My Glass of Wine” being the beginning. So these are 2 extremes (in terms of lyrics) that were important for me to debut. 

Photo Credit: @miaskick

How did you discover your passion for music? 

When I was 8, I started studying classical piano. Then after 4 years, I wanted to explore the music I was listening to (mainly pop) and to accompany myself when I began singing. Music has always been a very important element in my life and very quickly I wanted to make it my occupation. It was an obvious choice. 

Tell us about your style of music? What are your reference directories?

I don’t really like to put characterize my style, but I would say that at the moment I am doing pop-electro. My reference artists would be London Grammar, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Lana del Rey and Lorde, but my style evolves all the time. I like to listen to everything and try a lot of different musical styles. 

Can you tell us briefly about your latest addition, your EP “Trouble Maker ” which is scheduled for release in 2021? 

I started writing this EP when I was 15 years old. By the way, “My Glass of Wine” was one of my first written songs. “Trouble Maker” can be interpreted in lots of different ways: a love story, neurosis and unfairness. I like the idea that several interpretations are possible. My vision is that of the fight one can have with oneself, the fight of understanding and discovery of oneself, and a quest for more serenity. 

Photo Credit: @aurelianeofficial

In the music industry, who would you like to work with today?

Ideally, being able to collaborate with all the artists who inspire me would be incredible! If I had to choose today, I would say Nekfeu and Taylor Swift. They are two very different artists, but they both have, and each in their own style, a skill for writing. The songwriting is essential to me and it’s something I spend an enormous amount of effort on. Above all, I do this job to meet beautiful people and to be able to combine work and relationships. To create amazing projects, these two aspects are inseparable. I have the opportunity to work at the moment with attentive, benevolent and passionate artists, whether for the creation of my videos or anything that relates to photos. Making enriching encounters to better improve oneself.     

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