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Published on June 29th, 2024 | by Vincent Laroche


Without a Badge, You Can Still Experience the Cannes Film Festival!

The Cannes Film Festival, held from May 14-25, 2024, is renowned for its exclusivity, glamour, and rigorous security. Despite its industry-only access, there were numerous ways for unaccredited visitors to dive into the festival’s magic. Here’s a comprehensive guide to how people enjoyed Cannes without a badge:

Star Gazing and Socializing Without a Badge

Red Carpet Watching

The iconic red carpet was a hive of excitement. Without a badge, people could still soak in the festival atmosphere by hanging out nearby. Badge-holders sometimes got penalized if they didn’t use their tickets, so some non-badged attendees scored last-minute tickets by dressing nicely and holding a sign at the convention hall exit in the late afternoon. Note: Without a badge, only blue tickets were usable, as brown tickets required a badge for entry.

Strolling the Croisette

The Croisette was always bustling with activity during the festival. Starlets, paparazzi, street musicians, protesters, and film promotions were common sights. One year, Borat himself was spotted in his infamous mankini! Walking along the Croisette offered endless opportunities for people-watching and soaking in the festival vibe.

The Grand Journal and Les Guignols

People could watch live broadcasts of this iconic French talk show and satirical puppet newscast from the Croisette near the Martinez hotel. The show featured celebrity interviews and humorous takes on current events, providing entertainment for festival-goers.

Late-Night Hangouts

The Petite Majestic Bar behind the Grand Hotel was a popular spot where drinks were affordable and the crowds lively. It was a great place to mingle with festival-goers late into the night. This bar was known for its vibrant atmosphere and was a favorite among both locals and visitors.

Star-Spotting at the Palais Exit

After the competition films, people could head to the alley behind the Palais (east side) to see stars as they exited and mingled before leaving in their limos. This spot was a prime location for celebrity sightings, offering a chance to see the glamour up close.

Films Without a Badge

Free Movies on the Beach

Every night at 9:30 pm, Cinema de la Plage screened ‘Cannes Classic’ films on Mace Plage, near the Palais des Festivals and opposite the Hotel Majestic. Comfy beach chairs and blankets were available, but arriving early was crucial. Even if you missed out on a chair, bringing a towel or perching on the beach wall was a good alternative. Picnics and wine added to the experience, though not all films had subtitles, so checking the schedule in advance was wise. This open-air cinema offered a relaxing way to soak in the festival atmosphere without needing a badge.

Director’s Fortnight Tickets

Director’s Fortnight, or “Quinzaine des Réalisateurs,” showcased innovative and often avant-garde films. This section was accessible to everyone, with tickets available for €8 at the booth to the left of the Marriott Hotel. Lines formed on the right side of the hotel. Films included English subtitles, and the first screenings featured a director and cast Q&A. Arriving early was essential to ensure a spot, and being in the correct line (Billets) was necessary. The variety of films and the opportunity to engage with directors made this section a highlight for film enthusiasts.

Critic’s Week Free Films

Critic’s Week, or “Semaine de la Critique,” focused on avant-garde films and new directors. All films were subtitled in English, and most screenings included a Q&A with the director. Few knew that anyone could get free tickets by visiting the ticket tent near the Miramar Hotel at 35 rue Pasteur. Arriving at least an hour early increased the chances of securing a seat, and passing the time by exploring the Miramar lobby or watching the sidewalk parade was a fun way to wait. This section was perfect for those interested in cutting-edge cinema.

Youth Pass

Cinephiles aged 19-28 had the chance to apply for a free three-day youth pass, offering access to various festival screenings and events. Applications needed to be submitted well in advance, including a convincing letter of motivation. This pass was an excellent opportunity for young film enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the festival experience without any cost. More information was available here.

Cannes Cinephiles Screenings

Residents of Nice and surrounding areas could join the Cinémathèque for a small fee and obtain a Cinephile Badge for €24. This badge granted access to free screenings of official festival films at venues like Theatre Alexandre III in Cannes, La Licorne in Cannes La Bocca, Studio 13 at MJC Picaud, and Cinema Raimu in Ranguin. Applications were due before April 15th. This badge opened up a world of cinematic experiences at a fraction of the cost of regular festival access.

Non-Badge Last-Minute Lines and Free Screenings

Cinephile screenings were open to everyone, not just badge holders. Non-badged visitors could show up early and join the ‘last minute line’ (dernier minute). The Cineum theatre near the Cannes le Bocca train station offered this option for official competition films. These screenings provided a chance to watch some of the festival’s most anticipated films without needing prior accreditation.

Free Palme d’Or Screenings for Residents

Cannes residents enjoyed free Palme d’Or screenings the Monday after the festival. To get free tickets, residents visited the Hotel de Ville on the last Sunday morning with proof of residency (ID and a utility bill or lease). This tradition allowed local film lovers to partake in the festival’s most prestigious screenings.

Insider Tips and Accommodation Strategies

Insider Tips

Even for those who managed to get a badge, this guide for first-timers provided essential tips. Additionally, learning about the intern experience at Cannes from this BBC article was insightful. These resources offered valuable insights into navigating the festival and making the most of the experience.

Reliving the Cannes Film Festival

With these insider tips and strategies, many enjoyed the Cannes Film Festival even without a badge. From beach screenings and red carpet star-spotting to free film sections and late-night hangouts, there was plenty to experience. The festival’s vibrant atmosphere left unforgettable memories, making it a must-experience event for all cinema lovers.

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