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The French Quarter Magazine’s Your Voice column is a unique outlet for entrepreneurs, business owners, directors and managers, artists, teachers, public health and medical care professionals, lawyers, Art collectors, culinary chefs, etc, to talk and to draw on theirs personal life and professional experiences in order to share them with their peers. Your Voice is specifically for those who are living and fuelling their passion every single day. Your Voice hosts and facilitates conversations that offer diverse perspectives and useful tips and advice for all. Your Voice captures deep moments and share stories through the voices of people in every corner of the world who long to be heard. We’d love your feedback on which were your favorites conversations. E-mail us at

Interview: Stéphane Bern, TV Presenter and Mr. Patrimoine

Learn more about Stéphane Bern and his foundation.

Interview: Frances Vieras Blanc, Co-founder and CEO of Let Them Eat Cake.

Today on our YouTube Channel, entrepreneur Frances Vieras Blanc tells us about her background, her passion and what she does daily with her team for her clients. She lives currently in Paris and created “Let Them Eat Cake,” an immersive experience set in the era of the legendary queen, Marie Antoinette, for tourists. Don’t miss a chance to join her team for your picnics or a festive event, the pleasure of storytelling that will bring you back to the time of the Court of Versailles. Check out the short video!

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Interview: Cari Byers, Owner of Premier Showgirls & former dancing performer in Les Follies Bergere.

Today on our YouTube Channel, Director of BurlesQ at the Alexis Park Resort, Cari Byers joins French Quarter Magazine to speak about her background, her passion for work, her business called Premier Showgirls and we will learn more about this artist of many talents. Owner of Premier Showgirls, dancer, choreographer, costume designer and producer, Cari had appeared in the famous French “Follies Bergere,” at the Tropicana, the longest running show at that time. French Quarter Magazine is pleased to introduce you to Cari Byers and makes you discover the world of Premier Showgirls and talented performers. Throwback to classic Las Vegas, honoring glamorous style and something glitzy!

BurlesQ at Alexis Park Resort
375 E Harmon Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Thursday through Sunday at 9:30 pm
To get tickets, go to

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An interview with Michael Gillet, a former Corporate Pastry Chef who worked at Michelin star-rated restaurants in Paris, France before opening his own business in Las Vegas.

Today on our YouTube Channel, Pastry Chef Michael Gillet, from Burgundy region of France, tells us about his background, his passion and what he prepared daily for his clients. He has gained extensive experience in culinary in the Corporate World. Michael was the Corporate Pastry Chef for SugarFactory and at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills as Executive Pastry Chef in 2008, many Ritz Carlton properties, and Le Cirque restaurant in New York City. In Las Vegas, he opened his gourmet café called MG patisserie and cafe on Rainbow Blvd and by 215 freeway. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ve probably had your share of cravings for pastries, croissants, homemade cookies, tiramisu, crèmes brûlés… and the delicious list goes on and on. If might seem like you need to pick up these items from the friendly chef Michael’ shop.

An interview with Bernadette Martin, a storyteller, a writer and an American expat in Paris, France

Today on our YouTube Channel, Bernadette Martin, Founder of “Storytelling Salons” has joined French Quarter Magazine to discuss how she came up with her “hybrid events,” a throwback to the Parisian salons of the 1920s where artists, writers, and creative people gather to share stories and ideas and in which anyone can attend.

An interview with Stuart Sobek, a passionate car collector and Chairman of the Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance. An upcoming event not-to-be missed!!!

A high-end vintage cars show that you have never seen in Las Vegas yet! And, the history behind Concours d’Elegance and the Helene Awards are to be known. I was thrilled to hear what the Chairman had to say about it. Take a few minutes to listen to what I think it is a fascinating passion and story behind the Concours d’Elegance! Another connection with France and Las Vegas. Will you be there with me
from Oct 21-24 at the Las Vegas Ballpark? Get your tickets today, on Concours d’Elegance website and at So excited for this to happen in Las Vegas!!!!

An Interview with Dr Kate Zhong and Dr Jeff Cummings, a New Promise for the Future

As health experts, Dr Kate and Dr Jeff Cummings shared insights on their career, their contributions both that they have achieved for Alzheimer’s Disease, and leading role in the research that developed a new drug. Two Alzheimer’s ambassadors that I am so honored to introduce you if you have not meet them yet, sharing in this video interview. Through their efforts, being instrumental,  the FDA recently approved the first Alzheimer’s drug in 18 years. Dr Kate discusses the prevention and awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. It is a big development because it gives hope to some Alzheimer Patients and a New Promise for the Future. At last, the interview ended to warm up and we found several connections with France and Las Vegas as well as topic on one of the directive lines of French Quarter Magazine and our community!

An Interview with Director of Maceoo’s luxury menswear at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas, Ricci Lopez-Hammargren

French Quarter Magazine has interviewed Ricci Lopez on Maceoo menswear store at the Aria in Las Vegas and on the occasion of the grand opening that took place on July 17th and much more about the store’s experience and its upcoming projects along the year.

MACEOO’s luxury menswear is a store designed by its CEO, Mehdi Raad, a French-Libanese, who has the idea to create the first fashion house that achieves comfort and fit through an algebraic algorithm so that each piece fit like custom-tailored garments. The goal is to lavish and pamper their clientele with the finest of their collections and helps shoppers to customize their purchases with Maceoo lifestyle.

An Interview with the Founder, Director and CEO of The Public Health Pharmacist, Christina Madison.

As a health expert, Christina shares insights on her career as a Pharmapreneur and answers questions on how the global pandemic has changed international travel, precautions you can take to stay safe, and her professional pharmacy journey.

An Interview with President of Paris Jazz Club, Vincent Bessières

French Quarter Magazine has interview Vincent Bessières on Paris Jazz Club and on the occasion of the 8th edition of the French Quarter Festival last January and much more about the Club and other festivals along the year.

FRENCH QUARTER, Jazz Live from NYC is an innovative set of showcases taking place each year in New York City. The goal is to support the notoriety and the creativity of the french jazz scene at an international scale. The festival underlines the old and ongoing link between the United States and French Jazz. On 2021, these concerts have been broadcast live from Jan 11 to 14th from 3 New York Jazz Clubs: The Mezzrow, Small’s Jazz Club and Bar Bayeux.

3 exceptional concerts lead by talented french musicians such as Alex Terrier, Jérôme Sabbagh, or Clovis Nicolas, played in the mythic atmosphere of New York’s iconic jazz clubs.

On its digital form, #FRENCHQUARTER 2021 can be view on replay on Paris Jazz Club’s website,, and also on the social network.

To watch the live and meet with the artists, click on the link below:

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