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Top 10 Must-Try Fine Dining Restaurants in Miami

Welcome to Miami, the land of sunshine and sensational cuisine! If you are a foodie, the first thing to do is explore Miami’s fine dining scene. Let’s go on a culinary journey through the must-try fine dining restaurants in Miami, where the plates are as sunny as the weather and the flavors as diverse as the population.

1. LPM Restaurant & Bar

LPM restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine with French Riviera flair. Their brunch menu offers delicious dishes like Provençal-style omelet and French toast, perfect with a mimosa or rosé. Eating here is absolutely one of the best things you can do when you are in Miami.


Zucca restaurant is a stylish spot known for homemade pasta, steaks, and overall Italian cuisine. Indulge in their exquisite menu offerings paired with a selection of wines and cocktails. It’s the perfect place to savor authentic Italian flavors in a chic atmosphere.

3. Sexy Fish

This place is one of the most highly-rated fine dining restaurants in Miami. Sexy Fish offers Japanese-inspired cuisine featuring sushi, seafood, and meats cooked on a robata grill. With a creative menu, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy innovative dishes in a vibrant atmosphere. As the sun sets, enjoy beats from international DJs, adding to the energetic ambiance.

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4. Pastis

Pastis boasts a great ambiance reminiscent of old-era Parisian-style brasseries. Enjoy the soothing sounds of jazz music as you dine amidst charming decor that transports you to another time. It’s the perfect spot for a nostalgic culinary experience in the heart of Miami.

5. Gianni’s

Experience the luxury of dining at Gianni’s, nestled within the Villa Casa Casuarina, the former home of Gianni Versace. Enjoy their exclusive 24k gold drink complementing their famed Cacio e Pepe pasta. It’s a gastronomic journey where flawless cuisine meets the luxury of Versace’s legacy. This place makes you feel like a true Miami VIP, and it is also a perfect spot for those who love to take fabulous videos and pictures.

6. The Setai

Discover the culinary treasures of Asia at The Setai, where you’ll taste the finest flavors from Thailand, India, China, and Japan. Each dish brings you on a flavorful journey that delights the senses and transports you to distant lands. The fun continues with vibrant nightlife options- the experience at The Setai is nothing short of unforgettable.

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7. Full Bloom Vegan

Full Bloom Vegan offers a cozy dining experience in Miami, specializing in inventive vegan cuisine. Elevating plant-based dishes to new heights, it’s a haven for those seeking fresh and flavorful vegan options in the heart of the city. Do not miss this spot listed on our must-try fine dining restaurants in Miami.

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8. Budare Bistro

Budare Bistro is definitely on the list of must-try fine dining restaurants in Miami because of its authentic Venezuelan cuisine, specializing in mouthwatering arepas and traditional fare. Don’t miss out on their irresistible Cachapa, a sweet corn pancake filled with creamy queso de mano. It’s a must-try dish that perfectly captures the essence of Venezuelan flavors.

9. Rosa Sky

At Rosa Sky Garden, you’ll find yourself in a popular spot with breathtaking views of the Miami Eye. Sip on fantastic cocktails and savor excellent food while taking in the panoramic scenery. So, if you have recently moved here, as you settle down in Miami, why not treat yourself to a golden dining experience?

10. LEKU

LEKU restaurant is your go-to spot for delicious Spanish cuisine and a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy good food and a nice ambiance, making it the perfect place to unwind with friends or family. Experience the warmth and flavors of Spain right here in Miami!

Your tasty journey begins in fine dining restaurants in Miami

Try out some or all of the ten amazing spots to kick off your Miami food adventure. Take a break from unpacking, grab some friends, and start exploring. The city is full of delicious surprises, and these fine dining restaurants in Miami are just the beginning. Welcome to the neighborhood – let’s eat!

Miami has one of the best cuisines- try good food and have fun!

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