Published on November 17th, 2021 | by Fabien Richard


PokerVoyageur, from Paris to Las Vegas, a “bridge to the stars”!

PokerVoyageur is the adventurous result of a meeting between two slightly “crazy” enthusiasts, who have always taken risks in everything they try. Bruno Combis, has been working in Las Vegas for 25 years, making 1,000 French people travel each year to the land of gambling and Fabien Richard, who for fifteen years and ever since his first trip to Nevada, has become a reference in journalism and photography in the world of poker. It only took a few meetings between the two men, a little over 5 years ago, for the desire to make Frenchies travel together to the city of a thousand lights!

Photo Credit: WSOP

Fabien RICHARD — French journalist of Poker and founder of “Au Coeur de Vegas;”
Isabelle Karamooz — Founder and Publisher of French Quarter Magazine;
David Guay — A WSOP 2021 Professional Player and Creator of the “Until I’m Done” brand;
Julien Pérouse –A WSOP 2021 Professional Player and Founder of Step Up Poker
Photo Credit: French Quarter Magazine

“I am going to tell you this crazy story of PokerVoyageur because it is the perfect example of when two specific personalities meet, they immediately know that one day they will work together. It was five years ago in Las Vegas, my friend and Director of the WSOP, Grégory Chochon introduced me to a man who impressed me with his presence and all of his activities, Bruno Combis, creator of the French destination management agency LAS VEGAS WHAT ELSE ? and the site and CEO of the travel agency PLANETE CONGRES INCENTIVE. I understood very quickly, in a few moments, that we would one day want to work together and have common projects. We exchanged several times in 2019 and then at the end of 2019, Bruno and I set up a communication campaign, to bring together the world of poker and the world of new technologies, where a poker enthusiast could win a trip during the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. We are a few months before the start of the terrible Covid-19 pandemic around the world, and we are living our last “carefree” moments of freedom in the realm of the game. For many months, each on our side, we think about the best way to create, then in the middle of the year 2021, we launched this new and unheard of project in the French poker landscape: a tour operator will offer amateurs and professionals a “bridge” between Paris and Las Vegas, as if you could cross the street to go to the other side, but this side is lit with a thousand lights and a cascade of flowing chips, Welcome