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About Rose Berryl

Rose Berryl was born on February 26, 1982 in Mons, Belgium. After studying Latin-history, she became interested in computer graphics and web design. But it was in 2002, after a bet with her best friend, that she discovered a passion for writing. She will release her great Dark Fantasy saga entitled "Damenndyn", the first two opus of which sold for several thousand copies in the space of just five weeks in French-speaking Belgium. The first volume of the saga even won the Prix Gros Sel du Jury in 2007. Installed in Quebec since 2010, she continues to develop her saga and her universe (Damenndyn and Nekromantia, published by CKR Éditions), while exploring other genres (as with a vampiric series, Kryna, published by Éditions du Petit Caveau in 2015 ). Writing has become for her more than a passion, a vital need in which she explores the various facets of her abundant imagination. She draws her inspiration from eternal tales, legends and myths, filled with magic and extraordinary creatures, as well as from History and the Middle Ages in particular. All shrouded in mystery, shadows and even horror specific to the Gothic genre.

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