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Published on May 21st, 2024 | by Baron Camby


Love on Different Continents – How do French and Australians date?

If you prefer getting to know someone before you start dating, consider yourself more on the French side. But, if you prefer your dates to be as relaxed as a coffee or a walk, you’re more on the Aussies team. If you want to know more about the specifics of dating in France, and how it’s different in Australia, we’ll share some details. 

The French don’t stick to a code

While it’s true that French people are often associated with romance, they don’t adhere to a standard dating code. This is a key distinction between France and other countries. If you’re accustomed to a first, second, and third date progression, you might need to adjust your expectations. In reality, the French tend to keep these initial stages of dating more casual and spontaneous.

Aussies keep things as laid back as possible

Similarly, Australians also don’t conform to a typical dating code. Their general approach to life, characterized by a laid-back attitude, extends to their dating habits. So, when it comes to a first date, both the French and Australians share a similar approach. However, the Australian dating scene is marked by a preference for simple, low-key activities that reflect their relaxed culture. 

The actual French first date

But when it comes time to choose activities for a first date, the French will probably choose a restaurant or a cafe. The French enjoy their coffee, wine, and croissants, so these are great locations for keeping a date casual but classy. 

The actual Aussie first date

Aussies love simple pleasures like taking a date on a walking date, picnicking on a beach, or even chilling in their backyard. Just as their culture and behaviour are laid back, so is their first date effort. It’s not about lavish efforts when it comes to a true connection. If it’s meant to happen, a connection will blossom even during a coffee or a picnic.

The Aussies tend to move on quickly

When it comes to relationship progression, the Ausiess move fast in both directions. Whether they are headed into a relationship or out of one, they move fast. So, don’t be surprised if your Aussie lover wants commitment straight away. Or if they don’t, they’ll probably find solace at the Pink Palace, heal their broken heart and move on. Either way, don’t be surprised with their bold and open approach to love and life. 

The French men are gentlemen to their core

The French man is the one paying on a first date. So, if you are looking for equality or to split the bill, you risk offending your date. To them, it’s a non-negotiable practice, so tread carefully. They also believe that the one who initiated the face to face can be the one to foot the bill. But, sometimes, it’s good to let men do their thing and pay, especially if you want to leave a good impression. In the end, you can be the one asking for the next meet and foot the bill yourself.

Aussies are straightforward communicators

Yes, the Aussies are laid back, but that doesn’t mean that their communication style is the same. When it comes to Aussies in relationships, they prefer keeping everything straightforward and direct. So, if you want someone who discusses the relationship directly, date someone from Australia. Aussies value open communication and appreciate partners who are straightforward and transparent in their intentions.

Just like their cultures differ, we can also observe differences in their dating styles. The French prioritise getting to know someone before they let the romantic sparks fly. Whereas Australians are direct and straightforward. But, when it comes to matters of the heart, you should rely on your values and choose based on your personal preferences.

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